Chelmsford City racecourse was originally opened in April 2008 under the name of Great Leighs, and in opening became the first new racecourse in the UK for over 80 years. Great Leighs was closed in January 2009 less than a year after opening. The course was re-opened in January 2015 as Chelmsford City racecourse. The actual track surface, and layout hasn't changed. It is an all weather course and also has the benefit of floodlights.
Chelmsford City racecourse

Key Characteristics

The Chelmsford City surface is polytrack, and unlike the other polytrack coarsest is a galloping track and most horses can act on it. There seems to have been a definite bias towards front runners. The draw bias stats include the time when the racecourse was called Great Leighs as the track configuration and surface have not altered.

The first meeting was held under the name Chelmsford City on the 11th January 2015. The jockeys reported that the surface was riding very deep, and visually it appeared that their was a tremendous amount of kickback, meaning it was difficult for horses to come from behind. Time will tell if the surface is going to settle down.

The course is settling down now however the bias towards front runners appears to be even larger and it is very hard to come from behind at Chelmsford.

Course map

Chelmsford City racecourse map