Newmarket’s main course is the Rowley Mile course. This is the only course in which the runners pass through two counties (Cambridgeshire and Suffolk) during races. The July Course is used for the summer months but for the rest of the time the Rowley Mile Course is used. As you would expect the course has excellent facilities however the one big drawback is the viewing, as the course is one long straight the horses are only visible to the naked eye during the last couple of furlongs. Both the 1000 and 2000 Guineas are held on the Rowley Mile course normally in May.
Rowley Mile Racecourse Newmarket

Key Characteristics

The Rowley Mile course is massively wide and due to the amount of racing on it the rails are constantly moved and different parts of it used, so it is difficult to be conclusive about any overall biases which exist. You need to watch the earlier races on the same day. The course is a straight course with a slightly inclined finish so if horses go off to fast in the 5 or 6 furlong races then they don’t get home.

Course map

Rowley Mile  Racecourse Newmarket