Brighton racecourse is well worth a visit, set on the downs high above the town, the view is spectacular. Being so high up the ground is often very firm at Brighton, and this coupled with the very poor prize money on offer means that small fields in the races are not uncommon.
brighton racecourse

Key Characteristics

Brighton is a very unusual racecourse, it could be said to be similar to Epsom, but in reality it isnít similar to anywhere. It has left hand dog leg turn where the horses then come down what could be the steepest descent on a racecourse anywhere in the world, before the uphill final furlong. Brighton suits a certain type of horse, the small agile type. If your horse is a big galloping type then Brighton certainly isnít for you. Because of its eccentricities Brighton is very much a course specialists course so I would suggest always looking for horses with previous good form at the track. Course specialism at Brighton applies to Jockeys as well as horses and there is nobody better than Ryan Moore at the course. His father trained on the downs when Ryan was growing up and there is nobody who knows the course better.

Course map

brighton racecourse map